Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cocoa Puff Cream Cake

There are so many Must TRY*** recipes out there, and simply no time or sometimes 'a little courage' to try it out. However, there are a few recipes which are almost 'full-proof' and don't need any skills to do it, and Cocoa Puff Cream Cake is one of them. These days, I'm baking not as much as I would love too ;-(

Anyway, this cake was done last weekend and it is really really simple. The only difficult part is the Chocolate ganache which I've not done before. I used a portion of chocolate, half portion milk and a little butter. The ganache is a bit watery, not too sure why this is so, but maybe I should cut down the milk portion, or don't add butter the next time I try it out. Overall the ganache is also too little for the entire cake, I would prefer a thicker layer of chocolate ganache. The cake is nice as a dessert, but it must be chilled enough before consumption, it taste like ice-cream cake actually.

This is put together by the 'left-over' cream

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