Sunday, September 7, 2008

More mooncakes

There are a few variety of mooncakes that i wanted to make, those baked ones, cheesecake snowskin mooncakes, chocolate snowskin mooncakes, durian snowskin mooncakes..... but alas i only have so little time to do either of them. Since i have some left-over ingredients from my earlier moonies, i decided to finish up all of them. There's also a pack of red bean paste that i bought a few months ago, supposedly to bake this, but i never had the chance/ courage to try out bread-making. For bread-making, it seems you need alot of time for proofing, which i don't have the luxury since i usually do my baking almost in the 'wee' hours. I also made some custard filling, which i initially thought would be quite effortless to prepare. Things are easy until sieveing the custard, ohmigod, i started to regret preparing it.

Ingredients/ Method for custard filling:

2 egg yolks
150g caster sugar
40g superfine flour
40g corn flour
30g custard powder
100ml coconut milk
150ml milk
50g butter

1. Mix all ingredients except butter till well combined.
2. Stir in butter.
3. Steam for 15 mins or till cooked.
4. Sieve the custard paste and leave to cool.
5. Scale custard paste at 15g each.

I had 2 types of fillings, custard with white lotus paste, and custard with red bean paste. Hands-up for the low sugar white lotus paste. The red bean paste is a tad too sweet.

The snowskin is using the same as my previous bake. However, i tried added a few drops of pandan paste and strawberry paste this time round to give me more 'colorful' moonies. Yields 24 mini mooncakes, which i shared with my family members.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi quizzine,
Your mooncakes are really beautifully shaped! I just cannot get the shape out as nicely as you! Very good for a second try yah? :)

quizzine said...

Tks passionbaker, but the shaping is easy with those mooncake moulds bought from elyn e's joie. You too can achieve it! Your greentea moonies look yummyyummy :-p