Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday brunch at Keppel Club

Yesterday, we invited our family members to the Peony Jade @ Keppel Club. The restaurant is open to the public and the weekend dim sum brunch is good value for money at $28++ for adults, $15++ for child 5-10 years old, and free for kids below 5. In addition, the environment is cool! and the place is not crowded probably because of the location. Good service and attentive service staff!

Here's a galore of some of the food we had tried. I didn't manage to take pictures of all food cos they were gone before I could snap them. Other good ones that are not here includes Steamed Meat Dumpling with hot & sour sauce, Beancurd Skin Roll with Prawn & Japanese Seaweed, Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Almond & Mayonaise, Stirred Fried Brocolli with Oyster Sauce.

**Die-die must try!

Soft & fluffy Bao

**Must try, 'wok-full' taste

**This looks plain, but it's very flavourful & fresh! Must try

Delicious & refreshing desert!

Can give this a miss.

Save your stomach for something else.

We were filled to the brim when we left the restaurant. Overall it's a good experience but I find that the desserts selection is limited and not impressive, except for the mango sago. If we could end our meal with a nice round of dessert, it would have been more perfect!

Have a good week ahead!


Passionate About Baking said...

Wow! The brunch looks good! I've been there before for their weekday buffet, and I totally agree that the tim sum was really good. Yes, the salted egg custard pao is a DIE DIE must try. It's the best one I've tried so far.
Wish you a belated happy birthday!

quizzine said...

Thanks Jane! I'm still thinking of the salted yolk custard bao...mmmm