Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally, there's bread

So far, I've tried several times in making bread by hand, and whenever I see a recipe easy enough, I would try it out, but these have never been successful or edible. Since T got me a mixer for my birthday gift, I was contemplating whether should I get a breadmaker as a gift for myself. Was looking around and searching the internet for a reasonably-priced one, and just then I got a sms in the morning a week before my bday. My aunty cat smsed me to look around for clues on my bday gift. As I was busy at the office that day, i wasn't about to go and find. Checked my office emails and saw a notification from blogger "Candy Sweet said you will soon get a breadmaker... stay tuned." I knew she must be the one! She's called Candy gu-gu for a reason, there's always sweets for the children whenever she's around. She does that when i was a little girl, and now she's doing the same to my little baby. As a little girl together with my other siblings, she will hand-made "ti-kum" with sweets, crackers etc as prizes. Presents were always sweets, chocolate, crackers stacked and shaped into either house or ship or whatever. These would make us very very happy and excited. Those were the good ol' days!

Painstakingly, my aunt searched and searched and found the brand of breadmaker used by Happy Homebaker, and got the same model for me! She's really thoughtful in alot of things to the extent that some time, i admire her.

The first bread I wanted to make using the breadmaker is of course the very popular Hokkaido Milky Loaf did by HHB. The smell of freshly baked bread made me happy and seeing a nice brown loaf in the breadmaker got me excited 100times (exaggerated!) Now I can try out other interesting bread recipes from HHB. Hopefully and wishfully no more failed breads!

Ingredients/ Method
270g bread flour
30g cake flour
5g dry active yeast
15g milk powder
40g sugar
4.5g salt
1/2 egg
125g fresh milk
75g whipping cream (heavy cream)

1. Put fresh milk, egg, whipping cream, salt, sugar, milk powder, flour into the bread pan in the sequence of order. Lastly, make a dent in the flour and add in the yeast.
2. Set at 700g loaf size, choose light crust colour, program sweet.
3. The breadmaker does all the rest of the job! Amazing ;-)


Happy Homebaker said...

Congrats on your first loaf!!
You can borrow cookbooks from the library, there are a couple of them meant for bread machine. Some of the recipes are quite interesting. Have fun baking :D

quizzine said...

Tks, HHB. The problem is I hardly step into library, hmmm, maybe I should start doing so for myself and my little baby ;-)

Candy Sweet said...

Your loaf looks nice, Well done
& do keep up with the good work!!!

quizzine said...

Hi Candy Sweet,
Tks! U will get to try the loaf one of these days ;-)

jjcht said...

Hi, Wow, your crust look thin! I hope my BM can make it that thin. I followed the recipe but the crust is hard & thick! How come ?

quizzine said...

Hi HT,
My bread crust is not that thin too, unless we use the oven to bake the bread. However, if using the BM, u can try stopping the BM at least 3-5 mins before the pre-set time, and remove the bread from the tin immediately after it's baked. Hope this helps. Enjoy bread-making and its aroma ;-)