Monday, November 30, 2009

More fruits & walnuts wholemeal loaf

I've finally used up the almost-expired wholemeal flour; yippee!! Left with 160g of wholemeal flour, I made 2 portion of this recipe. Enough to give away to my other family members ;-) With some dried fruits left (cranberries, blueberries, tart berries), i added more golden raisins, goji berries (wolf berries) and toasted walnuts!

Other than the standard 20 mins & 60 mins proofing, the dough is left to proof for more than 6 hours and got another round of kneading, just because i over-slept!! You see, the dough was prepared after we came back from dinner, and my heavy eye-lids couldn't keep open for another minute. Think the texture was slightly affected, but not too much harm caused though.

(Note: To reduce the oven temperature to 180 deg C next time, as 190 deg C might be a little bit too hot and the crust is almost too black by end of baking time.


Kitchen Corner said...

Nice loaf of bread! I shall try to roll it in this longish shape next time. I like its country looks! Cheers!

Pei-Lin said...

Hello! These remind me of Panettone ... maybe because of Christmas ... Very fruity and wholesome indeed!!


quizzine said...

Hi Grace,
Haha just becos i don't have enough baking tins that's why i roll them into loaves; not by choice though i do love the rustic looks ;-)

Hi Pei-Lin,
I've not had panettone before, wonder how it taste like??

Bren said...

Nice loaf there. I just remembered I have a bread machine which is under utilised just because I'm so much into cake baking rather then bread these days. I think your loaf looks good and nutitious :) Time to take out that machine now..

In a CakeBox said...

hi mysweetkitchen,
Glad that my bread give u a tinkle to bring out the BM to churn out nice & nutritious bread!! Look forward to seeing your bread soon ;-)

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Olive Tree said...

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