Sunday, July 13, 2008

Durian Cake

This post is a week late, cos work has been busy and somehow feel 'disgusted' over certain matters, so end up I'm not really in the mood to blog, plus by the time i got home everyday, I'm almost dead-beat.

I did this Durian Cake as a birthday cake for my aunty, who has been an extremely great help to us. More steps is required for this cake compared to the other cakes i did previously, as the durian fillings and the top layer has to be prepared separately. They called for different texture, but I still prefer the durian fillings. It could be that i didn't do well for the top layer - durian custard. When there is a chance, i may try it again. But i guess it won't be soon cos there are too many things that I wanna try out.

As usual my sponge cake didnt fare very well, and this time round, it's saved by the very-good durian. I've using the 8' cake tin, and with so many people sharing the cake, it was gone in minutes!

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