Sunday, May 18, 2008

Steamed Cinnamon Apple Mini Sponge Cake

We didn't buy bread last night for this morning breakfast, and the little one is going for class in the late morning. So the easiest way is to steam some sponge cake. I brought back an apple from my aunt's place as I hardly have fruits at home.

I do not have any recipe for the cinnamon apple sponge cake, so I used the original sponge cake recipe, and 'think' of how to prepare the cinnamon apple. I cut the apple in small cubes, cook them in a small pot, with very little cinnamon powder and some brown sugar.

The taste of cinnamon apple in the sponge cake blend well, and is exactly what I have in mind. Will try this for my next cinnamon apple muffin exploration.

Yummy cinnamon apple!

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