Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chiffon & Chiffon

My parents' birthdays are just days apart, and we would eat out on my mum's birthday as hers is on earlier date but we would have cakes on both actual day. I've never baked a cake before until last year. And this year i did two different type of chiffon cakes - passionfruit and blueberry, and they are just plain cakes without any decoration.

the appearance did not do justice to the taste

au-naturel blueberry chiffon cake

"star-studded" fresh blueberies are impromptu put-on.

little zak loves it the most!

the texture is different from the usual chiffon cake wonder
is it due to the whipping cream i added?


Kitchen Corner said...

Nicely bake chiffon cake! I like to try out the blueberry chiffon, that's the flavour I've not tried yet. Cheers!

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi quizzine,
Very nice chiffons you've got! I want to try the passionfruit chiffon. That's the one flavour I've not tried for chiffon. Heehee... opposite from Grace. ;>

In a CakeBox said...

I'm lucky that the chiffon did not fail on me these 2 occasions. The good thing about home-baking is that we can experience with what-ever flavours or ingredients we want, only the 'guinea pigs' suffer...LOL

Bir Dut Masalı - nUnU said...


quizzine said...

hi birdutmasali,
thanks for dropping by, and your compliment.