Monday, February 8, 2010

Catching up

..... with CNY baking. I know I've been slacked with blogging and baking for at least 3 weeks. This blog would probably be neglected for even longer period, but because I really like baking my own pineapple tarts that pushed me to start preparing the pineapple paste last week. The usual shredding, cooking, and rolling them into little balls.

Unlike years of making all covered up, i wanted to 'expose' them!! Open tart or nastar? A very ignorant me, I thought the nastar was using a knife to cut the pastry across many times. I tried that before and of course, the outcome was disastrous! Until recently i saw a post from Quinn that i realised that there is actually a tool to make nastar, and it cost only a few bucks. I did open tarts before, like 4 years ago, and i still have the moulds.

Ok, Sunday is a good time to start baking CNY cookies, and here it goes. But only nastar. Because there's not enough pineapple paste left for open tart. Maybe next year? There are probably about 190 pineapple nastar, and they are definitely prettier than my closed pineapple tarts ;-)

With some leftover dough, i added chocolate rice and 'concorted' my own Butterfly cookies.


youfei said...

I wouldn't believe it's your first time making nastar tarts! They look sooo neat and pretty!

quizzine said...

Actually i did have problem with the first few tarts, but these had went into my stomach. Only the pretty ones got a chance to take picture...kekeke

Happy Homebaker said...

Your nastar tasts look so good!! I have the mould too, but I didn't have the courage to try it yet ;p

quizzine said...

Hi Happy homebaker,
The mould is actually quite easy to use, don't procastinate, try it out soon!

Anonymous said...

ur nastar looks lovely. Which type of mould did u use?

1)the rolling pin with ridges




quizzine said...

Hi Chelsea,
Tks for dropping by. I used the "flower semperit" - item 2. They are pretty easy to use and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thks very much for replying so quickly! :)