Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cream cheese bread

I tried another bread recipe from Blessed Homemaker and it really turns out good! Although oven-baked bread usually turns out better than the breadmaker, this cream cheese bread recipe is comparable. The crust is not as thick as other BM recipes and smells extremely nice! Think it will taste even better if it's oven-baked ;-) Bread making and smell of freshly baked bread is simply addictive!

Ingredients/ Method:

160g water
250g bread flour
50g cream cheese
10g powder milk
15g sugar
3g salt
20g butter
2.5g dry yeast

1. Using my bluesky BM, put in the liquid ingredients followed by the dry ingredients. Yeast to be added last.
2. Select Basic function, Light, 700gm, and press Start.
3. Let the loaf cool down before slicing.

This is our bread for Saturday breakfast. As usual, I like my bread with peanut butter, and another with just margarine to be able to taste how good the bread is. My little zak had the bread with cheese and (store-bought) strawberry jam. I'm contemplating to make homemade strawberry jam, hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

hi,,so envi n hapi to get to noe all your bakes itz very nic n enjoying ,,,always browse tru b4 i start work,,,,btw,lov so much e bread but i don have a bread machine can i still made this bread can help..lots of thanks--paige

quizzine said...

Hi Paige,
Thanks for your compliments, i'm flattered! I think Pure Enjoyment did the recipe without using BM, u can go to this link to try out this delicious bread