Monday, November 9, 2009

Long-winded post

Whilst writing my last few posts, i realised that i'm reaching my 100th post real soon... and this is it! I was planning to bake something special to mark this post, something that i've not tried before like a swiss roll or tiramisu which my sis-in-law's sister had passed me a good recipe, or a vanilla chiffon sponge cake. It didn't turn out as planned as these last couple of weeks was short of 'happy', there was also health scares concerning T and then my little zak got the dreaded HFMD from his childcare centre just last week. Things just seemed to be going the wrong way then. Anyway, T got the doctor's clearance today, except for a 'fatty liver' and little zak's spots did not develop into blister-like ones and he's eating and playing well. Things are smiling again ;-)

Since last Friday, we were mostly cooped at home. Little zak is bored, i'm bored (a little). But there is real good rest. For the longest time, we have not ever stayed at home 24-hours straight, and surprisingly, it feel good!! I've never cooked 3 meals a day, and only managed to do it during this period. Although i have so much time on hand, i did not go into baking-frenzy which i probably would a few months back.

There were simple fares like vegetable & minced meat porridge, dorayaki (little zak's all-time favourite), whatever-ingredients-in-the-fridge spagetti, fried mee tai mak, instant noodle (oops! without the seasoning is a redeem), cereals from the box, bread with jam/ peanut butter, walnut & raisin banana muffin (i wonder why they called it banana bread?). Also bake a vanilla chiffon sponge cake eventually, but no good snaps taken, so until then. Personally i thought the texture is soft and fluffy, but the whipped cream (maybe too much?) does not compliment the cake.

For this 100th post, there are a few random things/ thoughts i want to write down:-
  1. This humble blog first started cos i had too much free time; i used to spend these time with my family (mum, dad, grandpa, baby, hubby) either eating, playing mahjong, shopping, cooking for them, just being together, etc.
  2. Blogging and baking kicks in, and became almost addictive.
  3. This is a good way to record and made a comment or two on tried & tested recipes; it's a much better way than filing the recipe somewhere and couldn't find it. The human memory bank is getting limited.
  4. Baking can be done whatever the mood is, good bad neutral, it usually end up feeling better. It's so therapeutic. Period.
  5. There are few occasions which i hesitated to continue writing the blog, but continue because it became more of a little diary for me, just like what i am doing right now.
  6. To avoid wastage, i will attempt to make small portion of trial recipe in my subsequent bakes.
  7. So far, I've attended 2 baking classes. Still interested in attending more baking classes, if time permits.
  8. Everyone has different taste, it's difficult for my level of (baking) standard to satisfy all of them.
  9. My most ardent baking supporter is - little zak; he eats almost everything. Does toddler have sensitive or not-so-developed taste buds?
  10. For every nine bakes that turned out not-so-good, that tenth bake that is good makes the day.
  11. Will there be a 200th post?


Pei-Lin said...

Hey Quizzine!

Congrats on your 100th post!! I'm still a long way from there LOL!

Yea ... I do have to agree ... With every bake/dish I've made so far, some people gave positive while some negative feedback ... Seriously, taste buds vary from one person to the other ... So, don't feel bad and be discouraged about it. (Nonetheless, when something turns out to be absolutely horrible, it'll end up in the dumpster LOL!!)

Keep up with the good work yea?


quizzine said...

Hi Pei-Lin,
Tot your blog is at least in their few hundredth posts, it look good and very interesting!

Tks for your encouragement and i'm sure passion and determination can get me far ;-) Just need to grumble and nag abit to let loose (oo). Cheers!