Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st food bloggers potluck party

It was a casual remark made to Jane of Passionate About Baking sometime beginning of the year, and she really made it happen last Sunday, 31 May '09! We had our very 1st food bloggers potluck party at Gina's newly opened shop - Kitchen Capers at Kallang Bahru. I had jitters before the event as each of us supposed to bring an item to the party, and i chose Japanese cotton soft cheesecake, which i baked before. However, the appearance of cake really sucks and i was almost too ashamed to bring it to the party. As I can't back-out at the last minute and there's no time no ingredient to do another one, i just have to bring no matter how ugly it is, at least i know it would taste good.

The party was fun, although everyone took a while to warm up to each other, the food was good - no preservatives, only love, Jane was very good at being a host and making us at ease, Gina is very generous to lend us her shop front for the party, a tour and intro to her shop, she also gave everyone a goodies bag plus discount for any items we bought on that day! I must say that Gina's shop do offer quite a number of things and ingredients not sold in PH, will definitely patronise the shop again soon.

I would love to have another such get-to-together with my food blogger friends. Hope to see my new friends again ;-)

Here's the good food on that day.....

*I didn't manage to take all the pictures of all food so only able to put up those that T had taken on that day.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hey quizzine,
All thanks to you this happened! You "asked" and you got it! You were the one who "initiated" this! Haha... Well, sometimes, looks is not everything, taste is. Even though the cruel reality is, looks is everything! Just to assure you that your japanese cheese cake is really nice. None of the pieces were wasted. We split them and brought them home, no worries.
How about you organise the next one? ;)

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi quizzine,
Thanks so much for your lovely cheesecake. I still couldn't make it and always had it crack on the top. Your cheesecake taste really good. Hope can try your other baking soon! Cheers!

quizzine said...

Hi Jane,
I've always got ideas, but I'm a bad organiser. That's why my hubby always nag at me for making the kitchen in a mess! Sorry, but can you can pass the baton to someone else?
Thanks for your assurance ;-)

Hi Grace,
Thanks for your kind words. Mine cracked as well. I think is the oven temperature, cos my first try on this cheesecake turned out perfect *shy*! I would love to try your goodies as well soon ;-) Perhaps you want to organise the next one?


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi quizzine!
It's good to meet you in person(& your little boy too, he's such a cutie pie)! Let's hope we will be able to have more parties like these, yeah? BTW, it's funny how my pandan ang ku kueh looks more like yam ang ku kueh in your blog, haha!

quizzine said...

Hi honey bee sweets,
oh yeah, sorry that i didnt notice the colour change, must be the lightings! I like the mung beans filling that i tried, it was smooth and not so sweet, unfortunately i didn't get to try the peanut one ;-p. Must go on empty stomach the next time we have a party...hahha