Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lao Po Bing (Wife's Biscuit)

Click here for link to step-by-step of making this pastry.

I always look forward to Saturdays as that seems to be the only time now that i can do my baking. Although i can do it during the weekday, i have to ensure i reach home earlier. Also, these days my little one insists that i sleep with him, otherwise, he will be wide awake and running around the house til the wee hours. Most of the time, i will fall asleep at the same time as him, or sometime 'knock-off' before he does!
Lao Po Bing is a must when we go Hong Kong, and i used to be able to consume at least 2 at one go. So when i got the recipe from Florence's blog, you bet i was pretty excited! Finally got the chance to do it yesterday, and it is real good! I didn't wait for the pastry to cool down, and almost gobble down one immediately after i took the pictures ;-p What can i say.... something i will definitely do it again and again.

Egg-washed dough ready to be baked

Freshly baked pastry just out of the oven ... delicious!

Two of the better-looking ones... though not that pretty

I will only list down the ingredients used, but not the method, as the detailed and pictured step-by-step in Florence's blog is what all first timers need.

The filling is simply yummy


Water dough
100g cake flour
25g icing sugar
25g butter (cubed) or shortening or margarine or lard
40g water

Oil dough
100g cake flour
45-50g shortening or lard

50g candied winter melon, chopped to bite size
55-60g castor sugar
70g commercialised glutinous rice flour (koh fun)
18g shortening
15g white sesame seeds, roasted
12g dessicated coconut
120g boiled drinking water, room temp.

Egg Wash
1 yolk + 1 tsp water + a pinch of salt

Shouldn't a traditional pastry be served in a traditional bowl


Anonymous said...

Hi there, do you mind posting the steps too?

quizzine said...

Hi Anonymous,
I think the step-by-step pictures/ post by Florence is no longer there. I may take a while to post the steps, please bear with me :p

Gadget said...

I would also very much appreciate the directions also. I look forward to when you post them up.

Anonymous said...

Is the filling suppose to be very runny with 120g of water? I have checked a few websites all seem to use quite a lot of water. I tried 2 recipes both turned out very runny but will set harder in the fridge. I have not bake the biscuits yet. Wonder how to wrap the runny filling.

quizzine said...

Hi Anonymous,
The filling will not be runny, it will turn out to be red-bean-paste-like. Sorry I've been very busy and has not got the time to do a step-by-step tutorial.