Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first cake order

A month ago, I'd got my first cake order from my friend, E and for her dear prince Dylan's 4th birthday celebration. When I first started to bake more regularly about 2 years ago and also my blogging journey, I'd never knew that I can bake and decorate a cake, and what's more baking for a friend now. I'm fortunate to have a friend like E who places so much confidence in me as she'd not tried any of my bakes before, and her little gesture became my first-hand experience in doing cake order.

It so happened that Sat 18th Sept 2010 seems to be such an auspicious date, where there were many events on that day - Dylan's birthday celebration, my bro's guo-da-li (过大禮), chalet to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Therefore, i took a day off on Fri to prepare for the chalet's bbq stuff as well as Dylan's cake. Being my usual self, I'm bad with my time-management and spent almost half a day doing nothing, and started to panic when the time started ticking faster and faster. By then, it was almost time to pick up Zak from the school, and I only managed to marinate the chicken wings, and bake the chocolate sponge cake. Eventually I could only continue preparing the cake after our dinner, and by the time I was done with cream and decorating, it was already in the wee hours! Alas with the cake completed, I could finally heave a sigh of relief and have a really good shower before hitting the bed!

The feedback I'd received from E is most encouraging "Yep very nice.... the nicest cake I ever had.... thanks Esther! Dylan loves it very much and now Davier is asking for one *faint* hahaha...". Once again, I would like to thank E for her encouragement and confidence in me (*-*)

As a side note, I tried this Swiss Meringue Buttercream and I must say that it is really good! Although the steps seem daunting, I was pretty lucky to get it right the first time and couldn't stop licking the cream off my fingers...yummy...I'm a SMB convert for now (",)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cake! Congratulations on your first cake order. Btw, did you write E instead of the full name to keep the person's name confidential? If so, I think you need to check your quote after the first picture. :) Sorry I didn't know how to contact you otherwise so I just posted it on the wall. Hope you don't think I'm a busybody.

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Esther,
Congrats! Your cake really looks good. All the decorations and the works. Everyone has their first time. Once the first time is over, there'll be more times to come and experience accumulated! I'm so happy for you. Now I can imagine you busy fulfiling orders liao! ;)

quizzine said...

Hi x3baking,
Tks for dropping by and your little note! "Esther" is actually my name...and no worries it's good that you've pointed out in case i really wrote something wrong in the post...kekeke

Hi Jane,
Tks so much and you never fail to encourage me with your words ;-)Hahaha...but I won't be taking orders that often cos this is rather time-consuming. I'm just taking this as another opportunity for me to bake and decorate a cake (>_*)

Aimei said...

Congrats! You have done well. It's really pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther, haha I'm so embarrassed.(^_^') So what does quizzine stand for? I thought it was your name because I saw some people greet you by "quizzine". Guess what, my name also happens to be Esther. :)

Bakericious said...

Congrats on your 1st cake order, may more and more orders will come in :). The cake is very beautiful, I am sure it tasted yummy too.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Congrats Esther! Hope you will have more orders coming in. ;) I bet its the satisfaction of baking the lovely cakes much inviting then the money itself. ;) Lovely cake btw. ;)

DG said...

Congratulation on your 1st cake order! Love the bright colour of the cake & cute fondant trains. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on ur first cake order! the cake looked like it was done by a pro. It's beautiful ;)

Bakertan said...

hi esther,

The first time I tried SMB, I was addicted to it. Its really good! Hahah, I am now a SMB convert too =], and I made a cake frosted with buttercream today.

This cake looks really well done, good job there. I like that you combined both sugar paste and buttercream.

quizzine said...

Hi x3baking aka esther,
No worries, quizzine is the nickname i frequently used on the net, no real meaning actually ;p

Hi Aimei, Jess, Beebee, DG & crustabakes,
Really thank you all the compliments, appreciate them very much <3<3<3

Hi bakertan,
I remember that we all stop taking buttercream cake at one stage as its deemed to be very fattening, but I guess this is going to be changed...keke