Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another go at wholemeal bread

Following my earlier trial on wholemeal bread, i had another go of the same recipe today. Dodol & Mochi is very kind enough to drop a note on trouble-shooting, and bearing in mind a few 'errors' which i did earlier, i'm more mindful of:

  1. Not overcooking the water roux (tangzhong)
  2. If proofing in the fridge, i ought to bring the dough to room temperature before baking
  3. The dough should be abt 1/3rd of the height of loaf tin if i want a square loaf
  4. Since i'm using BM to knead the dough, i left it in the BM for the first proofing. It was almost 'spilling' over after an hour or so + weather is extremely hot today!

I did the whole portion of recipe and ended up with a 7x4x4" loaf, and 2 approximately 10cm long twin-bread, and 2 approximately 8cm long baguette-like bread. I gave the loaf to my aunt ivy, 2 twin-bread to aunty cat, and left 2 for T & my tomorrow's breakfast. They simply smell wonderful!

Shall update on the taste and texture of the bread after i try them out for my breakfast tomorrow.

Update on 26 Oct 09: The smell of this bread is heaven, and the texture is soft. Taste good even on its own. A keeper for anyone who wants a healthy bread!


Pei-Lin said...

Oh hey!! You got it!!! Hooray for you!! Do let me know about the texture yea?


quizzine said...

What can i say, this recipe is a keeper! Will recommend to anyone who wants a healthy bread ;-)

Monica said...

Per favore , metti il traduttore google (google translate) sul tuo blog. Grazie .
I don't speak english.