Monday, March 1, 2010

My precious' 3rd birthday

Although it's another 4 more days before Zakris turns 3 years old, we had an advance birthday celebration yesterday. Time really flies and it only seem yesterday that i was cuddling him in my arms, and now he's already running, jumping around everywhere, and we are having decent conversations or sometimes 'arguments'. In another blink of eyes, he'll be a young fine man ;-p (which means i will be an 'old lady').

Last year when we celebrated his birthday, i think he doesn't really understand what birthday celebration is all about. Now that he's 1 year wiser, he's requesting his favourite things like cars, buses, train, depot, heart-shapes, stars etc on his birthday cake, and also that he wanted to celebrate his birthday and 'blow candle, cut cake' in the school.

It was another attempt of fondant making, and it took me more than a week to plan what to put on his cake, and a few days to slowly mould the figurines. When it almost took shape on Friday, Zak let out a glee and the sparkle in his eyes make the hours spent ever so worthwhile. Every now and then before the party, he will request to look and touch the figurines, which i happily allow.

Not everything Zak requested went on the cake, but I try to 'accomodate' as many as possible of his favourites on the 2-tiers 6" and 9" cake. These are the little things that Zak like, and maketh his birthday cake ;-)


youfei said...

Nice Work!

I remember you commenting on my bob the builder post and I mentioned making something similar for little Zak and YOU'VE DONE IT!


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Wow, nice cake! I especially love the wind blowing effect on the lion's mane!;) Very cute...I am very sure Zak will love this cake, well done Mummy!

Passionate About Baking said...

Wow quizzine! This is truly remarkable! There are so many delicate moulding involved and you've done it so well! Congrats on the accomplishment of the cake! So well done! So fast! Little Zak is already three! I'm sure when Zak grows up, he'll be so proud of what his mummy has done for him! ;)

Happy Homebaker said...

What a lovely cake you have made for your little one! I love the lions and the elephants, they are so cute :) You must have put in great effort in creating this cake, you are such a great mum!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

These are many piece of art, really good job. Happy Birhtday to Zak!

quizzine said...

Hi youfei,
You've got good memory, and yes, i finally DID it!!

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
Haha, i didn't realise there's 'wind-blowing' effect on the lion's mane. Thankfully Zak loves this not-so-professionally looking cake & figures ;-)

Hi Jane,
There are indeed alot of delicate mouldings, using my 'fat carrot' fingers. I think i should be able to do them better the next time. But for now, i'm pleased with the results. And hopefully when Zak is older, he can appreciate what mummy has done for him ;-)

Hours and days are spent making this, but it worth every efforts, and believe all mummies out there would gladly do all these for their little ones.

Hi Sonia,
Thank you for your birthday wish. It was more of play-doh than art, haha ;-)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Fondant!! Great looking cake!

I hope I'll be able to make a fondant cake one day.

quizzine said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,
I'm sure you can make a nice looking fondant cake if you determine to do it ;-) Look forward to seeing one from you soon.