Sunday, May 18, 2008

Huat Kueh

When my mum was around, she used to like making Huat Kueh, and all my relatives and family members love her Huat Kueh. She would always make it when there's occasions, like house-warming, prayers, etc. But I never get to learn her skill as her recipe is always 'agar-agar' (estimated).

I decided that since Huat Kueh is her favourite, I shall make it for her too! Managed to search 1 recipe but not too sure whether it would turn out as good. Nevertheless, I still tried out, making sure I buy, at least, the same brand of coconut milk, using the same mini moulds, same type of gula melaka. My dad helped out too as he used to prepare the gula melaka whenever my mum wanted to make them.

Voila! The Huat Kuehs look close to my mum's standard, and tasted quite similar.

This is one of the things that I can do in the best memory of my beloved mum!

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