Monday, June 2, 2008

Muffins Craze

This post suppposed to go out last Sunday, but somehow the laptop decided to blackout before i save the contents, so it's 1 week late....

Did 3 variations of muffins last Sunday - mixed cranberries & blueberries (preserved), fresh blueberries from cold storage, and oreo. In fact, I just baked muffins with cinnamon apple a few days before this.... am i going into a muffin craze??

Galore of my muffins trio

My earlier bake on cinnamon apple muffins - still fresh in
the oven!

In fact, there are many more flavours of muffins I wanted to make, but as I always bake late in the nite, I don't have the time to do too many.

This batch of muffins has got the 'thumbs-up' from T, but my aunty S felt that the oreo muffins is dry and lack of flavour. I'll do a better oreo muffin the next time ;-)

Closer look of my muffins trio!

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