Sunday, March 8, 2009

Early birthday gift

I got my birthday gift much earlier than expected, and something that i never thought T would buy for me. When T suggested to buy for it for me, i told him the brands that i would consider and the price range, and he asked me whether such expensive stuff would churn out better bakes and uses lesser time, and that i should just settle with a lower price range one. For myself, i've been contemplating whether to get one for myself or stick to the $27-one that has served me well for years. Also, it has a great sentimental value and memories attached to it.

I think the deciding factor was the promotional price, it's $200 off from the usual price, but there is only one colour choice - onyx-black. I would prefer a coloured one, but we don't want to pay anything extra. We hesitated, we walk around, we asked for more freebies, we decided, ok we buy.

Due to the weight of the machine, T allowed me to place it as a permanent fixture in the kitchen. I don't need to keep it in the cabinet when not in use, like what i have to with the 'old' mixer.

I suppose i need to bake even more now in order to fully utilise this 'huge' investment.

Baking on cloud 9 = Baking Happy.


Hooney said...

I'm so happy that you get such a fantastic birthday present! It looks like mine, but I think you have a tilt head while mine is a lever. I believe you will enjoy this gift for years to come.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Baking on Cloud 9,
Happy Birthday to you! You've got wonderful KitchenAid now and looking forward to read more your baking ok. Enjoy!

FATMUM said...

Happy birthday to you! I got a KA as my birthday gift too. Am sure you will enjoy playing with your new toy!

quizzine said...

Tks everyone and i'm quite sure i'll enjoy playing with it! Now I'm thinking hard of what to do for my first bake on this new toy??

Eliana said...

You got a fantastic and very useful birthday gift.!! I like that..