Monday, September 14, 2009

My 1st fondant

I've been longing to attend a baking class or 2, but it's not easy for me to fit it to my sort of busy/ tired schedule. So far, i only attended PH's baking class but it was quite tiring as the class ended like 10++ pm, and on a weekday! Many of the classes these days doesn't come cheap, and you really need to turn up if you have registered for it.

For me, i prefer cake decorating classes at this moment and was eyeing at classes available at Sugar Inc. I missed the registration for the last round, and when they open up new classes again, i sign up almost immediately without thinking too much as to whether I can make it on that day, whether T can handle little zak when i gone for classes, etc. Almost not able to make it due to my back problem, and it seems a totally busy day; morning prayers at the temple for my mum, ferrying my mil for tui-na in the afternoon, had our late lunch, sending my mil home, and i was LATE for the class!

Luckily i didn't miss much of the class, and i must say the fondant class and trainer Ophilia is very good and patient! Thumbs up!! However, making those little designs for small cupcakes can be quite a 'neck-breaking' experience ;-)

Actually, i'm quite 'mountain tortoise' (ignorant), this is also the first time i've tried a fondant.

In total, we decorated six cupcakes..... all are impromptu designs, except for the rose and ribbon.

ONE of the cupcakes is missing in the above picture..... cos it went to little zak's stomach straight after my class!!

The MISSING cupcake.....

Fondant is really for little children only ;-) Too sweet for adults.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi quizzine,
Wow! You finally made it to try it! Good for you! Your workshop was at AB yesterday at 4pm? Aiya, I should've catch up with you and waited for you. I left at quarter to 4. :p So glad you enjoyed the class. Philia is a good and friendly trainer, isn't she?

youfei said...

Hi Quizzine,

Nice pretty cupcakes! Don't you think decorating with fondant leaves you with endless possibilites??

quizzine said...

Hi Jane,
Yes, u r rite, u know the schedule don't u? Actually i had planned to reach there earlier so that i can say hello to u, unfortunately, my schedule for yesterday was screwed up! Another day!

Hi Youfei,
Tks for your compliments. Becos of seeing so many cute & varied designs using fondant from blogs like yours, i know i had to attend the class! Hopefully i can get into making the fondant on my own very soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Not bad for first timer.
The white powder thingy can be "clean" with a wet cotton bud.


quizzine said...

Hi Lalaland,
Tks for your compliment, and very useful tips! Will keep in mind ;-)