Sunday, April 11, 2010

At long last (Part I)

I've neglected this blog for so long that I actually find it tough to start writing this post. Not that I've lost the interest in baking or blogging, but I'm facing a 'time-management' crisis...hahaha. I couldn't allocate spare time for baking/ blogging and I'm feeling slightly 'ashamed' to continue from where i stop.

Life has been going fine for me but is such stability (or monotonous) a way of life? It's a personal preference. Sometimes I love it cos I do not have to think too much about most of the things - simply do things in the 'usual manner'. On the other hand, I explored the thoughts of doing things differently, to give life the challenges and to make it more colorful and exciting, maybe? At this moment, there is no complaints of course. Stay happy and open-minded!!

Picking up from my last baking post in early March, I'm going to blog about a cake I made last week. There's no baking still, but at least it's a cake, right? I got some spare Thai Honey mangoes, courtesy from my brother who bought more than a dozen to make mango smoothies for us. It tasted simply great especially during this super hot and humid weather ;-) With my stocked-up cream cheese, what else but a mango cheesecake. However, i think the mango smoothies fared better than my cake, so disappointing ;-( Not going to post the recipe since it's not that fantastic, perhaps it was not chilled enough when we eat it.

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