Monday, May 19, 2008

Durian and Custard Puff

Had wanted to do this durian puff last Friday, but couldn't find any durians in the supermarket. It seems that this is not the durian season and therefore not easily available. So happened that my brother bought some durians on Sunday and I managed to pack some home to make the durian puff.

The puffs (choux pastry) looked pretty and smell nice. But somehow thought that the skin is rather hard to the touch. Thinking maybe the durian/ custard fillings will 'soften' the skin. It was the beginning of my DISASTER!

I couldn't do a proper soft peak with the whipping cream, so had to throw away the first portion. Tried again and it almost had a soft peak. Added the durian and gelatine, and oh my god, the entire mixture became 'watery'. Since there is gelatine, I assume the durian fillings should be ok after leaving in the fridge. The custard cream didn't turn out well too, but it was better than the durian.

As I started my baking at 10.30pm, I ended up sleeping really in the wee hours, after washing up the utensils and myself!

The 1st thing I woke up in the morning, was worrying over my puffs. T was very supportive, and really tried 2 of the puffs.

"Mission failed" - everything goes into the trash almost immediately!

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