Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My poor baby is suddenly down with lung infection on Saturday and although he's still as active as ever, we have to constantly monitor his temperature doesn't shoot up and that his breathing is okay. Actually we were negligent in picking up from his constant coughs and runny nose for the past weeks, and had administered the usual cough and flu medication. T & me each took a day off this week to take care of little baby, and luckily everything went well and his condition seems to be stable so far.

My aunt ivy is very kind enough to prepare lunch (and our everyday dinner) especially knowing that little baby requires a very strict diet during this period. Her house is a 15 mins walk from where we stay. The route to my aunt's house used to be very unpleasant as it's extremely hot and seems never-ending. But since about 2 years ago, there are very nice trees, plants and flowers planted along the route, and these provided good shades and nice scenery. Whilst walking today, we discovered mimosa (touch-me-not) and this got my little baby fascinated and it was fun playing with it for a good 5-10mins. Although little baby still can't remember 'mimosa', he can tell his daddy 'touch leaf and close', which is good enough for his age ;-p

Since there are some time to spare this afternoon, i asked my aunt whether i can cook 咕嚕肉 for dinner. This is one of my favourite dishes. I remembered my mum learnt this dish from the community centre when i was in primary 3 0r 4, and thereafter she cooked it so often knowing that we all like it very much! Although i was her kitchen little helper then, i didn't master her skills in cooking. Here's how my 咕嚕肉 fare:-


chumpman said...

咕嚕肉 is very well liked by my family and all my friends too. Crispy pork ribs and sweet sour sauce, drool...........

Bits said...

Hope your baby is well now! Your 咕嚕肉 looks tasty!

quizzine said...

Hi chumpman,
i guess this a favourite for many people ;-)

Hi Bits of Taste,
Luckily my baby has gotten much better these last couple of days *fingers crossed*. Tks, but the looks is quite deceiving ;-p