Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grape Wine Making

When i chanced upon this post from Pure Enjoyment, i thought that it would be beyond me to try it out at all. How could it be possible to make wine at the comfort of our home? But i was caught surprise at how simple the recipe is, except that it's a rather long process - total of 8 days. Since it does not need any special ingredients and it would be truly rewarding to be able to taste your own home-made wine, i knew that it's something i must try it out very soon.

Watch this space for the adventure of my Grape Wine Making.....

Day 1 (1.7.08)
I use about 800gm red grapes, and 65gm sugar. The original recipe say sugar level should not be more than 25%.

On day 2 when i'm about to open the lid and release the air, there's mould form on the surface of the crushed grapes.... imagine my horror!

First attempt to wine making failed! I'm going to do more research and try again soon.

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