Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sweet Beginning

When my mum was around, she will always prepare a sweet dessert on the first day of lunar new year, and we must have it first thing in the morning. She said it signifies sweet beginning and thus everything will be very smooth-sailing for that year. This is one of the traditions that i will follow through.

Ingredients/ Method:

1 cup dried longan
1 cup dried red dates
1/2 cup winter melon
mandarin orange peel
water chestnut (left-over from ngoh hiang)
rock sugar
12500ml water

1. Cut the mandarin orange peel into very small pieces. Do not add too much as it will cause the dessert to be bitter.
2. Put everything into slow cooker and boil overnight.

A very happy lunar new year to all, and here's my treat of sweet dessert to you! May the year be as sweet and smooth-sailing as ever ;-)


Happy Homebaker said...

I wish you a Happy and Sweet 牛 Year. Thanks for your dessert ;)
I had the same thing yesterday too, so I'm my year will be going to be double sweet :D

quizzine said...

You are welcome! I'm sure this year will be an extremely sweet year for you ;-)

Anonymous said...


My 1st visit here. My grandma used to make similar sweet dessert in the morning of 1st day of CNY too. When it's my turn, I add hard boiled eggs to pamper my stomach