Monday, August 17, 2009

My Princess Cake

I've seen a few bloggers baking princess cake and thought this is a splendid idea for my little cousin who turned 9 last saturday. She's as adorable and pretty as the princess, and very obedient and well-behaved for her age. Although she's only 9, my little zak has to call her 'yi-yi' (aunty) as my uncle (her dad) is the youngest and my mum is the eldest in the family. I think it's pretty common in my parents' generation, but not ours. Our generation may not even get to see the off-springs of our child, because of all the late (or no!) marriages and late child-birth. Hopefully this trend will change.

Anyway back to the Princess cake, it did brought many wows from my relatives, and most importantly the birthday girl likes the cake very much! Hurray to my successful 'copy-cat' cake too!

I had some difficulties shaping the princess gown as the steamed moist chocolate cake was rather soft when i cut it, and the dress actually looked 'fatter' than i wanted it to be. It was when i was about to prepare the cream that i realised i had only very little left-over whipping cream in the fridge! Where's the other carton of whipping cream!!! Either get my busy T to buy for me, or to rush down to nearest PH at AMK?? But I'd only a few hours to the birthday party, and T was simply too busy to be away from work! No choice, no choice, i just had to make do with whatever is left -- just slightly more than 300gm for the entire cake. Just have to think of how to apportion the whipped cream to sandwich the 4-layers cake, and to decorate the princess dress. The layers were slabbed with the ever-so-easy nutella + whipped cream, and the dress was whipped cream + red colouring. In order to prevent the cream from melting, having to stay at room temperature for around 3 hours, i added 3 tbsp of icing sugar to the whipping cream.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi quizzine,
This is sooo pretty! I've been wanting to attempt this, but really no time. You're really getting better and better. Keep up your baking and frosting skills. The frosting is so nice too! I'll also be delighted to receive one, let alone the beautiful princess herself! :)

In a CakeBox said...

Tks Jane, i'm happy with this cake too! But i hope to better my baking and frosting in the long run ;-)