Friday, July 30, 2010

Chocolate fudge cake

Yesterday was T birthday and I can't remember when was the last he took leave on his birthday. T works in a "chi-na" company where the bosses hardly take leave, do not really recognise mc, and at times the bosses go to work even they are sick, etc. They are really sick!

On this special day, although we did not venture anywhere except for a korean dinner fare with some of our family members, it was pure joy to be relaxing at home together as a family. It's considered a luxury for us, and the happiest person is Zak, of course - no school, and play & play all day!

Though i tried to make a super-yummy chocolate birthday cake, it didn't turn out that way! The cake was (rock) hard, dry, sponge cake was not evenly sliced, fudge is bland and gluey, .... you name it. Luckily no one else other the three of us ate it, and daddy-son were very supportive to finish almost a slice of cake each ;-p I will try to compensate with a real super-yummy chocolate cake, I promise!

Daddy enjoying the super warm birthday kiss from his little darling! Better than any gift anytime!


Hooney said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Tony! I love the picture of Zakris and Tony, absolutely priceless.

quizzine said...

Yeah, have to agree the moment was priceless and i love this picture too!

Anne said...

Don't fret, I'm sure your family is appreciative with your efforts. If you are looking for a tender cake, next time use recipes which has buttermilk or sourcream as one of the ingredients :)

quizzine said...

Hi Anne,
Tks for your comforting words! Will try to look around for THE receipe ;-) Or do you have something to recommend?