Monday, April 14, 2014

Re-visiting (water roux/ 汤面) Pandan chiffon cake

I seems to be hooked to baking chiffon cake these days, and has been looking at too many pandan chiffon cake. I saw the  汤面 method so frequently on fb and had a go at it. 1st try wasn't really a success, there were lumps of 'pandan bits' after baking and the texture was dense. Was going through my earlier pandan chiffon cake bakes and realised I did one similar method before, totally forgotten about it! Revisiting the recipe and yield more satisfactory result! Ingredients are almost the same, just a little difference in the method and it's more manageable for me. Yum yum! 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm trying to pick a pandan chiffon cake recipe to follow and I noticed you have many different recipes. Which one do you recommend? Thanks.

quizzine said...

So far, I will choose this water roux recipe as my to-do pandan chiffon cake :) Do let me know after you have tried! Happy baking :p