Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cute buns

I've been baking lots of cakes recently and neglected on the bread. As much as I would like to bake bread more often, it usually requires more time to make the bread because of the proofings. Whereas a cake or cupcakes are so much easier and straight-forward.

Being lazy, I used the usual tangzhong method, which I'm most comfortable with so far. What started out as a simple round bun with pork floss, ends up as cute buns with tuna-mayo fillings. Half-way through baking, something struck me, and I started making fun shapes for the buns! And there's no way to hide these pretty (ugly) bears and totoros with pork floss...hehe. Being my 1st time making these cute buns, I can't help but keep smiling whenever I see these buns.

Cute buns
(makes 14 buns)

Ingredients/ Method
Water roux (Tangzhong) 
125g water
25g bread flour

  1. Cook water and bread flour in a small pot at medium low heat, keep stirring until thickens and no lumps left. 
  2. Cook until 65 deg C, or if you do not have a thermometer, cook until mixture resembles baby porridge.
  3. Transfer to clean bowl and cover with cling wrap to prevent skin forming.

210g bread flour
56g plain flour
20g milk powder
42g caster sugar
1/2tsp salt
6g yeast
30g egg, beaten
85g water
84g water roux
22g unsalted butter

Optional (filling)
1 can of tuna
1 1/2tbsp mayonnaise

  1. Put all ingredients in the mixer and using dough hook knead until smooth and elastic. 
  2. Let it proof in a clean bowl covered with cling wrap for 40 mins or until double in size.
  3. Weigh dough at 35g each and shape it into smooth ball shape. Let it rest for 10 mins.
  4. Flatten each dough with your hand and wrap the filling into the dough. Seal it tightly. 
  5. Let it proof for 40 mins or until double in size, covered with cling wrap. 
  6. Egg wash (using remaining egg and 1 tsp of water) the buns before baking. 
  7. Bake at pre-heated oven at 200 deg C for 15 mins. (The totoros and bears look so sun-tanned, maybe next time I should lower the temperature to 185-190 deg C.) 

Decorating the buns

  • Cut out aluminium foil in desired shapes for totoro tummy and bearbear mouth, and place on buns before egg wash and baking.  
  • The eyes are made of chocolate chips.
  • The markings on totoros and smiles on the bears are done after baking. I mixed 1 tbsp cocoa powder with some hot water, and using cake tester or any pointed utensils to doodle on the buns. 

This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (August 2014 Event: Flour) - organised by Bake for Happy Kids and My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Diana from Domestic Goddess Wannabe.


mui mui said...

Hi Quizzine,
Oh!! such cute buns.
I bet they as yummy as they look too.
Thanks for sharing this to LTU.


quizzine said...

Hi mui mui,
Luckily they are good except slightly
Hope to share more in LTU :)

DomesticGoddessWannabe said...

Hi Quizzine

These are adorable!!! :D