Sunday, June 15, 2008

Strawberry Mango Cake

This is my very first attempt to bake a proper cake, and with my recent bakes not being very successful, I was quite skeptical on baking this Strawberry Mango Cake today. Also, this cake requires the use of whipped cream, which the last time I did was a complete failure! Anyway, I still decided to give it a try to make this cake for my mum's birthday.

Every step of the making of this cake left me worrying whether it will take out fine - from buying the right ingredients, beating of mixture to make the sponge cake, preparing whipped cream, frosting the cake, to assembly of the fruits, etc. Maybe making this cake has a very special meaning to me this year, which is why I take this 'project' with extreme care....

Fresh strawberries bought from the supermart this morning

Spongecake just out from the oven

Chunky mango cubes slabbed on centre of cake

Frosting of cake with whipped cream
This is the end product from top view

"Happy Birthday, Mum!"

I've yet to taste how this cake turns out, hopefully it's as good as it look! I'm truly happy with this cake and give me more confidence to try out other cake recipes, thanks happyhomebaking!

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