Saturday, March 7, 2009

My little one is 2!

Time really flies and it just seems like yesterday that i was in the delivery room. Our little bundle of joy is no longer baby and has now become a toddler. I remembered that when he was just one month old, we ordered some gift box for our relatives and friends and our announcement card says "Of all life's miracles, the biggest one comes in the smallest package...." This is so true as little zak has always bring joy, happiness and strength to everyone around him, especially myself during the difficult time.

We did not have a proper birthday celebration for little baby when he was 1 year old. This year, we sort of made it up to him, he had 3 celebrations this time round! The actual elebration is a bbq on the weekend before his actual day. However, the weather didnt play along with us, and we end up shifting the food stuff from the pit to our flat and everyone had to cramp into our little flat. Counting back, it seems ages that we had guests in our house, 14 months to be exact! Other than the usual bbq stuff, i made a car birthday cake for little zak. A three-tier and 20cm cake, the biggest that i had made so far, although taste-wise it's nothing fantastic.

The 2nd celebration was done in his childcare centre, together with his friends and teachers. Although little baby may not understand what's going on, i just hope that he will have some good memories and fun throughout his childhood days! I tried my hands on baking some cuppies, with some cutie kiddie designs ;-) I like how they turn out, but of course the piping really shows how amateur I am.

The actual birthday was yesterday, and I planned to make it as enjoyable for him as possible. We had the usual McDonald's breakfast, and he has a very good (big) appetite; he took 1/3rd of my sausage muffin plus almost one piece of hotcake, and a cup of milo. My 'special' programme led us to kranji farms. Initially wanted to go to at least 2 farms, but eventually we only did one, and I was almost dead-beat. Nevertheless, the farm experience was really good, and little zak and myself enjoy ourselves thoroughly. Anyone interested, can visit kranji countryside for more details. We are definitely going to the other farms soon. The little innocent smiles make everything so worthwhile!

The day was ended with sumptuous dinner plus a piece of complimentary ice-cream cake plus mr. san francisco ice-cream plus giant earthquake ice-cream! So much of good stuff, i bet little zak wishes everyday is a birthday!


Hooney said...

He is so adorable! Can't wait to see him!

Passionate About Baking said...

Wow quzzine! He is sooooo cute! He is 2 only? He looks like he was only 1 year old!
I'm really amazed by the cake you made for him. Must've been so much work, and to juggle between work and baking a big cake. I'm sure he will understand how much you love him when he is slightly older, seeing all the time and effort you have put in for him! No wonder the verse - Mother is the greatest in the world!

Happy Homebaker said...

Happy birthday to your cute little boy! and happy 'Birth' day to you too!! You are a great mom!

quizzine said...

Hooney, we can't wait to fly over to see you too! Counting down everyday ;-)
PAB, the cake really took me a long time to prepare especially frosting it which i'm unfamiliar with. I took 3 days off to prepare the party and celebrate the occasion with him ;-p But these moments are priceless and totally worthwhile!

quizzine said...

Tks, HHB! Btw my birthday is near the corner, and can't wait to 'show-off' the early gift i got from my hubby!