Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marbled cream cheese brownie

Overall the weekend, i finally managed to find some time to bake something. When breaking the eggs, I was caught by surprise and got excited by the sight of..... a twins! Then i realised that Mrs. Kwok have got twins on the same day...so much of a coincidence! Actually I don't mind to have a real twins (real baby), and so does Mrs. Kwok!

I thought the rare sight of twin egg would mean a smooth and successful baking, but it was not meant to be. I had so many blunders, even though the recipe seemed so easy, that I almost gave up half-way. As expected, my marbled cream cheese brownie didn't look appetising, and in fact does not really look like a brownie, unlike the one did by smallsmallbaker. The only thing is that it tasted good, though not the usual creamy & fudgey texture we used to eat for our brownie.


Small Small Baker said...

How come you all are so lucky? I have never seen twin egg yolks before!

Yeah, it's not the fudgey kind. Usually brownies made with cocoa powder will be more cake-like. I go for it cos of its simplicity. :)

quizzine said...

I bet you will get to see it one day since you are baking so often. Oh i didn't know about the cocoa powder part, i'll take note in future ;-)