Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hand-made with love

Continuing from my earlier post where i set myself to cook at least a meal on Saturday for little zak, I'm happy that i've at least did it for the last few weeks. For yesterday, we had home-made breakfast, lunch and tea-time.

Actually wanted to bake a loaf of bread on Friday for our next day breakfast, but was too tired to do anything by the time i reached home. Before getting to bed, i just browse through some recipes from my to-do list for something suitable for breakfast, and decided on Happy Flour's red bean paste pancake. Simple enough and absolutely yummy yummy! My boy like it so much that he asked for another helping, his eating portion is anytime bigger than mine!


Ingredients/ Method:

2 eggs
50g sugar
70g cake flour
1/2tp baking powder
30g milk
30g butter, melted

1. Shift cake flour and baking powder, and set aside.
2. Use cake mixer to whik egg and sugar till light and fluffy. (Ribbon stage)
3. Gently fold in flour, and followed by milk.
4. Lastly fold in melted butter until well combined.
5. Cover and rest in fridge for 30mins.
6. Heat up non-stick pan and do not grease.
7. Pour some batter and cook until there are bubbles on the surface and brown underneath.
8. Spread your favourite jam or put a slice of cheese on the dorakayi.

Next for our lunch was not just home-made, but also hand-made - noodles. Whilst preparing, my boy got 'sticky' to me again, and i've no choice but to think of ways to keep him entertained. I thought why not let him play with the dough, by rolling and cutting fun shapes. Of course, the usual half an hour affair turns to an hour of 'entertainment'. Although fun, it's a torture to stay so long in the hot kitchen in this kind of extreme hot weather. I was busying preparing the stock, perspiring & sweating, rolling and cutting the dough, and making sure little zak doesn't mess up my kitchen top or fall down from the chair he was standing on.

Despite the efforts and the cute noodles, little zak does not seem to like my hand-made noodles, he only ate the mushroom and minced meat that i've added in. So sad ;-( Got to think of what to prepare for his next Saturday meal.

Our tea-time was using the same dorayaki but spread with nutella, and decorated like a smiling face ;-) Needless to say, I think i would use this recipe often.


D4D said...


May I check if I can reduce the amount of milk powder used? I do not like the smell of milk :P will it affect the texture of the outcome?

mommy of 3

quizzine said...

Hi mommy of 3,
I've not tried reducing the milk powder before, but i guess u may do so. Anyway, the taste/smell of milk is not very evident, maybe you want to try it out using the original ingredients first ;-)