Monday, November 17, 2008

Pandan Chiffon Cake

These days i can't really live to the name of my blog; sometimes it made me depressed, other times it made me angry. Not because i start hating baking, or writing a blog entry. It's really personal, and i'm hesitating to pen it down here, in my little diary. I believe that emotions affect the things we do, and when people eat your bakes, they get the 'bad vibes' too! Even the photos turn out ugly. What should i do next?

Anyway, i did a Pandan Chiffon Cake using Rei's and baked some lao po bings (for the 3rd time) during the weekends. In terms of texture and making it look like a chiffon cake, i'm almost there. But i need to work very hard on getting the right flavour, mine tasted just a hint of pandan and coconut, you would probably be able to tell from the colour of the cake. I will attempt to do a better one, hopefully soon. Here's how my pandan chiffon cake looked like:-

My 17cm chiffon tin is too small for the entire batter, so

i pour the balance batter into a 7" cake tin. They looked

fine and pretty when just of the oven.

Thank goodness, the cake didn't collapse. It still hold
the shape and height. Colour and smell is lacking, though.

What happened?! Both are baked at the same time, using
the same batter! Could it be due to the cake tin used?
Texture is very dense. A classic failed chiffon cake.

I like this picture best! It shows the softness and fluffiness. See the nice hole-y holes.


youfei said...


I tried baking a chiffon cake recently too! and my cake turned out exactly like yours! (the one in the 7" tin)

i'm really puzzled as well. and like you said, it was dense. you alr know why it turned out like that?


quizzine said...

Hi youfei,
I didn't find out what actually caused it, but i suspect it's because i bake 2 cakes at one go, and there isn't enough heat for the cake to rise in the 7' inch. But I'm very new to chiffon cake so i can't really pinpoint where goes wrong.... just have to keep trying.

Rachel said...

B4 I got one big hole inside the cake using that kind of tin as ur one..... I should try again using that kind of tin .....

I made a chiffon again yesterday.

It was not very flavored too.....tried to make a grape flavor one......
I followed a Japanese style choffon recipe, works out pretty well.....quite satisfied with the height of the cake tho.

Rachel said...

Oh I have to confess that I have a big bad habit that when I pour the batter into the tin, I didnt pay maybe thats why I'd got a hole in my cake b4 that some bubble was involved in my cake.....
I'm pretty sure that when I use the tin with a hole in the middle it hasnt happened to me......


Yi May, Alexis said...

You need the hole in the tin, somehow because a normal tin wont able to cook the middle of the cake. So hence the hole I did try your way when I didnt had a chiffon tin back then.