Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chilled Mango Cheesecake

Monday was Ah Boy's birthday, and although we didn't have a 'real' celebration, i made a cake for him over the weekend. Ah boy is my younger brother, and we have been calling him ah boy for last twenty over years. Now he's 2 baby nephews, almost getting married (hopefully), a grown-up man, but the name still stuck with him. We used to tease that when he's a old man, we'll still be calling him "Ah boy", weird isn't it? And since he has proprietary right to the name, neither the 2 baby nephews can use it. Coincidentally, my 40-over-year-old uncle is still fondly addressed as 'di-di' (little brother) by all my aunties, uncles, almost everyone.

After my quite successful blueberry cheesecake, i tried out mango cheesecake. I just replaced the blueberries with fresh mango. Perhaps i didn't get the best mango in town, i bought those Malaysia mango from ntuc fairprice at 39cts per gm, the taste wasn't very prominent. Neither the cheese flavour stood out. Since I used fresh mango which i also used it as toppings, i thought of covering these mango topping with jelly. After i finish doing the jelly, i realised i've seen it somewhere.... mirror cake. The result of my 'mirror' is not near perfect, and it got worse when i blast my fridge to the lowest temp. The mirror crystallised and didn't defroze enough when the cake was cut and served.

PS. Ah Boy, pardon me for this lousy birthday cake ;-p

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