Friday, November 14, 2008

Seven vii

When i first saw this meme passing on, I thought to myself that 'how i wish i've been tagged'. So when i received a message that Kitchen Corner has tagged me, i immediately said to my hubby "this makes my day!" Silly me, isn't it?

Here is 7 little things about me:-
  1. The lunar year 2007 is my happiest and saddest year, Happiest as i've had my bundle of joy, Saddest as my beloved mum has left me. It all seems like a cycle.
  2. I used to think blogging is a waste of time, until i'm hooked to it. But that's all because of baking and the generous sharing of information and tips from fellow bloggers. I felt that I'm in a exclusive community.
  3. I started helping out my mum in the kitchen since very young, and probably get her 'genes' for churning out food. Mum's food is always the BEST!
  4. During one of the school holidays in my teenage years, I worked part-time in a confectionary at Hougang called "Cherry Blossom". Wonder why i didn't copied down all the recipes then? The shop has since closed down or shifted elsewhere? Anyone out there knows?
  5. When we first shifted into our new house, i got my hubby to agree to install a built-in oven. He used to complain about the low/ no-usage of oven. Now, he complains about the high electrical bills due to my high usage.
  6. I've got phobia of cockroaches, flying beetle (the brown one), rats esp. with hairy tail (i ever saw one and the image still edged in my mind), and strands of wet hair when they are not on the scalp (including hair that belongs to me!)
  7. Like all piscean, i love to day-dream and sometimes imagination goes wild or hay-wire.
7 bloggers that i'm passing this meme:-

  1. Baking Mum
  2. Cook Bake Legacy
  3. Do What I Like
  4. Sweet Indulgences
  5. Precious Moments
  6. My Kitchen
  7. Pure Enjoyment

The rules for tagging is link to my blog (tagger) on your blog. Give seven facts about yourself then tag another seven bloggers by leaving a comment on their blogs and letting them know they were tagged and listing them (and their blogs) on your blog.

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