Saturday, May 2, 2009

Carrot Milk Loaf

Recently, I bought a recipe book from the make-shift newspaper stand near my work place. Flipping through the book whilst on my way home during the train ride, I already made up my mind to do the simpliest recipe - Carrot milk loaf. In fact, i did 2 loaves, yesterday and today. 1 failed and the other taste delicious! It always happen, the simpliest recipe always fail on me. This is the 1st bread that turns successful without using the breadmaker!

This picture shows the specks of carrot and the softness of bread

Ingredients/ Method:-
(Recipe adapted from Daniel Choong, Baked & Steamed Bun - 面包蒸烘味)

130g bread flour
70g cake flour
55g grated carrot (i used 35g as that's what I'm left after the 1st failed loaf)
40g sugar (original recipe uses 50g)
1 tsp salt
8g instant yeast
40g butter
12g milk powder

80g grated carrot (totally omitted cos I've no more carrots left)
50g cold water

1) Put ingredients (A) into mixing bowl and stir well.
2) Add in ingredient (B) and beat to form elastic dough.
3) Remove dough from the mixing bowl and cover with a big bowl and leave to rest for 25mins.
4) Flatten the dough into long oval shape, roll like a swiss roll, and press lightly into greased loaf tin.
5) Rest for 15 mins or prove till double in size.
6) Brush some evaporated milk. Make a slit in the middle of the bun using a sharp knife. Pipe butter into the slit. Sprinkle some sugar and grated carrot on it. (I omitted this step)
7) Bake at 185 deg C in the middle of the over for 25-30 mins or till golden brown.

Don't you think this looks like a tortoise head?


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi quizzine,
Yummy! Carrot bread loaf looks very healthy and good!
Hey, btw, your last pic, with that kind of face, looks like he's constipated! Oops... sorry. But the expression is really cute! :) Enjoy your healthy bread!

quizzine said...

Hahaha... must be the lack of carrot that left the tortoise constipated! The loaf is good and i'm baking another one right now ;-)

Happy Homebaker said...

What a cute expression ;D Your bread looks good! I don't have the time to make bread recently, will do so after my kids exams are over!

Passionate About Baking said...

Oh yes quizzine, must be the lack of carrots lah! Your recipe kept "omit this, dun have this", no wonder the poor tortise got constipated! Hope your 2nd loaf makes the tortise feel happier! ;)

quizzine said...

Thanks! Actually this bread does not take long to proof, even though i bake it at night. Took about 2.5 hours from preparation to oven. I look forward to your (bread) baking soon!

Hi Jane,
I've given enough carrots and there's no more constipated tortoise this time round. A nice square loaf ;-)