Monday, May 25, 2009

Easy birthday cake

Why i call this an easy birthday cake is because ... i cheated. Instead of baking a sponge cake from scratch, i used Phoon Huat's Sponge Cake Mix. I only need to add eggs and water, and that's all. I still prefer sponge cake with my own mix of sugar, eggs, butter, flour, etc. It's a kind of satisfaction when the sponge cake comes out golden brown, properly rise, no sunken top, soft and fluffy texture, etc.

The mixed fruits were requested by my aunt cat, although it's uncle goh (go go)'s birthday. Grapefruits with skin removed, strawberries, mango. Actually, i bought gooseberries as well, but there is no space on the small cake. The freshness of fruits give this cake a lift! I hope they both like the cake made especially for them ;-)

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