Monday, September 21, 2009

Green apple & orange cake

I've not been 'lucky' in my cake-making these days, the cakes that are been churned out doesn't turn out yummi-delicious, although they are still edible. Perhaps the so-called 'kitchen god' has gone for his/her holiday??

This is not a chiffon cake, but a 7" round cake with uncooked centre removed!!! OMG!!
Orange-y fishes & green apple-ferns

Anyway, this is a birthday cake that i 'owed' to my aunty cat. Why? Cos when i first started out baking, my aunt has been very encouraging, even until now, and I had agreed to bake her a birthday cake then. However, my company had sent me to vancouver & london for a seminar/ training this time last year - lucky me right! Still this very belated cake is disappointing, "double whammy".

Please, please kitchen god, do not take too long a break! I need you!


Kitchen Corner said...

It's not too bad! Looks like a perfect chiffon cake after removed the center. "He will be back soon" :)

quizzine said...

Tks, but it ain't a chiffon cake afterall! Haha... i'm waiting for his return ;-)