Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snowskin mooncakes

I did these mooncakes last Saturday and was happy that I managed to use up all the pastes i bought. In total, I had made 71 mooncakes within a day and includes packing them in boxes as gift for my relatives, also brought some to my colleagues on Tuesday. I started preparing in the late morning and finishing with the cleaning up at 2+am. It may look unnecessary to do all these and get it from the store, but it's always the passion that pushes me ahead. I do feel i'm missing something if i do not bake or making something or blog, these days.

There are white lotus, pandan and green tea, and all these are supposedly to be low-sugar. Why supposedly? Cos they aren't that low-sugar, my relatives and I find them to be on the sweet side still. Wonder what it would taste like if i had bought the normal paste? However, if these mooncakes are chilled enough, the sweetness seems to be alright. Perhaps i need to prepare my own paste the next year??

These snowskin mooncakes are using the same recipe as what i did last year. However, i did try to make a variety of snowskin flavours like oreo, blueberry, green tea, pandan, and of course the original. There are no artifical flavourings added, just au-naturel, hence there's only very slight hint of flavour in them. Should i contemplate with artifical flavourings, the next round?

Still few more days to Mid-Autumn festival, would i be making more mooncakes?


Happy Homebaker said...

Your mooncakes are great! I like the smooth texture of the snowskin. I tried making them too, but mine didn't look as good as yours. Like you I try not to use any artificial flavourings, I used milk/juices, but the taste is just not distinct enough. So, I bought a bottle of mango flavouring to try, just a few drops makes the difference, but again, if too much, the mooncake will taste artificial :(
Happy Mooncake Festival!

Kitchen Corner said...

Your mooncakes perfectly made! Very beautiful!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Very pretty! Although I am not a fan of snow skin mooncakes, but yours sure looks very good. ;)

quizzine said...
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quizzine said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,
Tks for your compliments. I read from somewhere that to get smooth and not dry snowskin, we cannot knead for too long. Also, i think the plunger i got helps alot in putting these moonies in right shape! I may succumb to artifical flavourings, but i'm trying hard to avoid them at the moment.

Hi Kitchen Corner,
Tks, actually these moonies are photogenic i.e. they look better in picture ;-)

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
Tks, and I'm glad that these moonies 'attracted' you!

Hooney said...

looks delicious, maybe I will get to try them next year when I go back for the wedding

Happy Homebaker said...

I didn't knead the dough for too long, so I thought maybe that was why it was not very smooth.

In a CakeBox said...

Hi hooney,
Looks can be deceiving, but anyway i can make whatever you want when u return ;-)

Hi Happy Homebaker,
Unfortunately, i can't really help in this area. paiseh ;-P