Sunday, October 4, 2009

Durian snowskin moonies

Following my earlier post on mooncakes, I did manage to try out some durian mooncakes and brought them to my aunty wendy's house for the mid-autumn celebration. Actually this is the 1st time we are celebrating the festival with my relatives. We had very sumptuous dinner cooked by my aunt's MIL, very delicious spread!

The snowskin is using the same recipe with no durian essence added, and the filling is 100% pure durians. I'd got 1 box of 'mao san wang' and 3 boxes of 'segamat' from Fairprice @ AMKHub, and the quality is good!! To get a good bargain, go to the supermarket at around 9pm as they usually try to clear everything before the store closed for the day.

I have not tried durian snowskin mooncakes before, so i'm not quite sure how it should taste like? Do we have to add cream, gelatine, or anything to the filling?? Does anyone know?


DG said...


Your durian snowskin looks as delicious as the shop one. I tried 717 trading one, usually, they will freeze it, I usually consume it while it is frozen, just like eating durian ice cream.

DG said...

Hi again,

Me again :) How did you manage to wrap the durian with snowskin and mould it so evenly. I tried yesterday, had difficulty to wrap the durian. Do we need to freeze the flesh durian first? How long?

quizzine said...

Hi DG,
Tks for dropping by again ;-)
For the durian pulp, I just put them in the fridge over-night after removing the seeds. The durian pulp will be easier to handle when it's more sturdy. To fasten the process, you can try putting in the freezer.
For the snowskin, I will roll them flat using 2 sheets of plastic/ cling wrap, put the durian pulp in the centre, and covered with the snowskin like a ball. I find that using the plastic bag to wrap them up is much easier. Thereafter, i use the mooncake plunger.
Hope you understand my explanation, if not you let me know again.

DG said...

Hi quizzine,

Thanks for the fast & detailed reply. I definitely will give a try again :)