Sunday, April 11, 2010

At long last (Part II)

Since the last baking class i attended in Sept last year, I finally got another chance to attend another one today. Actually there are so many baking classes/ courses available these day, but to find one that is of interest and suits the timing is not so easy, plus the price does not come cheap. Anyway, to cut long story short, I chanced upon this very interesting class - Buttercream Roses Cake by Sugar Inc., and attended the class today with my friend E. With no piping skills at hand, and being able to pipe out roses was really incredible. Not that I'm good, but it all thanks to Anna being really precise and clear in her instructions and demo. Of course, there's alot of practices required, you know what i mean by looking at the pictures below.

These are art-pieces from our group. Guess which is mine?

And these are from another group.

The purple and white is by Anna, and the rest of the class. Think
this group's piping is the best!

Ta-ta.... this is what I've done. They look better from afar

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