Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy eventS

Before I start blogging about my bakes & such in 2011, I want to complete this post about the happy eventS that happened in 2010.....

My Madagascar Vanilla Beans - one whole packet of fresh vanilla beans! ..... and

One big bottle of Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Bean Paste - 944ml! ......

...... I think these are going to last me for many good years of baking!

However, the anxiety of waiting and happiness of receiving these vanilla bean (paste) does not beat seeing my dearest sis, who's residing in States, once again! Now, I'm looking forward to my trip to visit her this year ;-))

02102010 - These were cute little wedding cupcakes that I made and received positive feedbacks, there were some "ohhs" and "wows" .....

.... but what made me much happier is that my youngest brother has finally tied the knot!! I believe my mum would be the happiest at wherever she is now ;-))

To end our year 2010, we had dinner at Tims Restaurant & Cafe - a no-fuss place that served good food ....

From left to right: Cream of Asparagus with roasted almond, Chicken caesar salad, Oyster rockafellas

Fish & Chips

NZ Ribeye topped with sauteed pacific clam with black pepper sauce

Grilled lobster & panseared cajun spiced salmon fillet with basil cream sauce

Desserts: Blueberry cheesecake & strawberry ice-cream

I'm counting my blessings to be surrounded by many loved ones and good friends. Of course, there were many other happy, not-so-happy, ups&downs in 2010, but with a beginning of new year 2011, the goods will be remembered & the bad be bygones, everything will be refreshed. I'm wishing EVERYONE a very happy, healthy and smooth sailing year ahead! Cheers o(oO)o


Wen said...

Happy New Year! I love Tims Restaurant too. Envy your large bottle of Nielsen-Massey vanilla, definitely going to last for awhile. Is much cheaper from State?

Passionate About Baking said...

Ooh wow! That was sure a good way to end 2010 and to start 2011! You managed to get the vanilla beans from Madagascar! Terrific! And congrats to having a wedding in the family!
Happy 2011 to you and your extended family!

quizzine said...

Hi Wen,
Very happy new year to you too!
Kekeke...sorry to make u envy, if u don't mind I can give you a small bottle of goodness?
I ordered both vanilla beans and paste from a US website recommended by my sis and I think they are really a good bargain ;-))

Hi Jane,
The vanilla beans were ordered from a US website and they are good stuff! Thanks and very happy 2011 to you & your family as well o(oO)o

CheezyHeart said...

Cld u share the website where u order e essence and pods from? thks alot

Wen said...

Don't mind can I know what's the website? My brother is going to the States this month. I can get him to bring back some. Thanks...

quizzine said...

Hi Cheezyheart & Wen,
The websites are:

Vanilla paste

Vanilla beans

Sometimes these websites offered big discounts on selected items, check them out!

Hope this helps and let know when u get yours!

Wen said...

thank you so much for the info!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have a pack of vanilla beans and I don't know what to do with them. Can u pls share some recipes or how u utilized them? TQ.