Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nutella banana squares

The last thing I did in 2010 and first thing in 2011 is this nutella banana squares.... nothing elaborate and in fact a recipe which I tried before. Except that previously i baked in a muffin cup and it had a streusel topping, I decided to make mine in squares and slather lots of nutella and put on a cheery-red raspberry :)) Baking the banana cake was a breeze but I did have a tough time cutting up them in squares of 4cmx4cm as the nutella kept sticking on the knife. In the end, it was so messy that the last 2 pieces of squares was almost beyond recognition ;0

*P.S. The main reason for baking this was because of the very riped mini bananas sitting in my kitchen, and screaming to be eaten or else to be fed to the bin!

Happy holiday!


E. said...

Happy New Year! Nutella banana squares sound sooo good. Nice finishing touch. :)

quizzine said...

Hi Esther,
Very happy new year to you too!

busygran said...

Banana and nutella sounds heavenly! Perhaps refrigerating to set the nutella, would help less cutting mess? Heehee! Agreed same blogskin! :).....Happy New Year!

Kitchen Corner said...

Ohh.. banana and nutella such a great combo! I hardly resist the taste. Happy new year to you!

quizzine said...

Hi busygran,
I think the fridge did help but I was too lazy and running short of time to put back to the fridge when it melted quite badly :p

Hi grace,
Long time no "talk", and very happy new year to u and your family ;-))

Anonymous said...

i love nutella anything! this looks and sounds delish!

Edith said...

droooling all over now.

quizzine said...

Hi crustabakes & edith,
Thanks for leaving your lovely comments here, very much appreciated!